Personal Injury Attorney in Granada Hills

Being involved in an accident that results in serious injury can be stressful, painful, and extremely disruptive to your life. The team at King Law Firm want to make sure that your experience seeking compensation for these injuries is as pain-free and simple as possible. The process of getting the money that you rightfully deserve after suffering from injuries that someone else caused can be daunting and complicated for someone who is unfamiliar with the world of personal injury law in California, but when you are working with an experienced personal injury lawyer, you can focus on recovery while your attorney focuses on getting you what you deserve.

It has been proven that stress is one of the main enemies of recovering from a physical injury, meaning that when you are working with an attorney you are not only taking the proper steps towards justice, you are giving yourself a better opportunity to recover and get your life back on track. Given our history of successful personal injury settlements and lawsuits for our valued clients, you can focus on yourself with the confidence that there is a proven, aggressive legal team working hard to get you what you deserve to give you financial stability after this traumatic experience.

Read more below about how we will work to determine the amount of money that you are truly owed after suffering from a personal injury, and how we will work with an insurance company or the responsible party to attempt negotiations before ultimately seeking compensation in the form of a personal injury lawsuit in the Los Angeles Courts. Contact us now for a free initial consultation where you will be able to speak directly with a personal injury professional about your accident, injuries, and to get a better idea of how we can help you move forward with this situation.

Calculating Damages Owed After a Personal Injury

When you are first involved in an accident, the most immediate financial issues that you will see is the accumulation of bills and invoices from medical treatments and other services related to your actual injury, in addition to the possibility of missed time at work and decreased wages as a result. In addition, you will begin to get notices from your insurance company about the amount of money they are covering for your injuries and treatments. These financial issues can quickly become overwhelming, but it important that you understand that your recovery is your top priority during this time.

The stress of watching these bills and debts accumulate is something that the other insurance company (the company representing the person or party responsible for your injuries) will attempt to leverage as they offer you a low number to settle on. We will discuss further below why this is not an agreement that you should make. However, learn more below about how we, as your personal injury team, will arrive at what we believe to be a fair dollar amount that you deserve for your injuries and suffering.

Economic Damages

Economic damages are the foundation of a personal injury lawsuit because they are the most simple to calculate and allow for little, if any, room for disagreement when there are invoices, bills, and income statements to back the claim amount. They include things like medical bills, treatments, physical therapy, surgery, assistive devices, ambulances or other emergency transportation, prescriptions, hospital stays, and more. In addition to the medical costs, they also include your lost wages, any vacation or paid time off that you have used to subsidize your missed work and any short- or long-term disabilities that will disrupt your earning capacity in the future.

Before we submit a final amount that we have deemed appropriate for economic damages, we will go through every aspect of your life and attempt to locate all financial impacts that your injuries have had on your life. This could include things such as childcare when it otherwise would not be needed, laundry services that you would not need to use if you were not injured, car services, and any other type of service that you have needed to pay for because you are unable to handle the tasks on your own. No expense is too small to include, considering that you are in this situation through no fault of your own.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are more difficult to calculate and quantify into a dollar amount, as you will soon understand. These types of damages seek to compensate victims for the “intangible” aspects of their injuries, such as pain, suffering, mental and emotional anguish, depression, fear, and other similar, very real impacts that an injury has on someone. Since there is no economic rate for something as subjective as “pain,” the most common way to convert these issues to a dollar value is by using a multiplier, typically between 1-5. This multiplier serves as an indicator to a judge, jury, or negotiating team about the severity of these impacts.

We will work through all of the standard non-economic damages that are considered in a personal injury case, and will then choose a multiplier that we feel accurately represents your own experience. From there, we will apply it to the total amount of economic damages that you are requesting. For example, a multiplier of 2x and total economic damages of $50,000 will result in non-economic damages of $100,000.

Negotiations Damages With Insurance Companies

If your injury requires you to file a claim with an insurance company, such as a car accident, you will be working directly with a claims adjuster who will go through your entire case and ultimately return to you with a lump sum that they offer you in exchange for waiving your rights to seek any future legal actions against them or their client for this accident. In very few cases is this amount fair, since an insurance company’s primary goal is to save as much money as possible while eliminating future threats of legal issues and financial obligations. The company will rely on the fact that the injured individual is unfamiliar with personal injury processes, and accepts the money in order to quickly alleviate their current financial strains.

When you are working with a personal injury attorney, this offer is simply the start of a settlement negotiation. We will work aggressively to reach an agreement that is fair and equitable, but if we are unable to do so, then we will choose to move forward with a lawsuit to get you the maximum amount that you deserve. Before agreeing to anything with an insurance company, make sure that you have worked with a personal injury attorney in Granada Hills to review your case and determine the most appropriate steps for you to take.