Burn Injuries

Burnt hand injury

A burn injury can range from mild to extremely severe. Because there is such a range of injury that can be incurred, there is a considerable range of legislation regarding possible damages and compensation if the burn is considered to be the fault of another. It’s imperative that you contact a reliable attorney if you find yourself in this situation. Due to the often long-term nature of burn injuries, medical expenses can pile up, and without appropriate representation you may find yourself without anyone to turn to. The King Law Firm prides itself on being there for anyone in such a situation. Whether you feel you’re owed more than you’ve been offered, or don’t even know where to start to seek damages you may be entitled to, we’ve got your back. If you or a loved one has suffered injury from a burn, King Law can help.

There are several burn classifications which will all impact the outcome of your settlement. The severity of the burn is categorized by degree, with first-degree burns being the least impactful and third-degree being the most. Obviously, someone who has suffered a more severe burn will be entitled to significantly higher compensation. However, even a first-degree burn can incur severe financial expense, so it’s important that you contact legal representation as soon as possible, regardless of the severity of the burn.

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The source of the burn is also important. The three primary categories of burn are thermal burns, caused by heat or open flame; chemical burns, caused by caustic substances or acids; and electrical burns, caused by electricity passing through the human body. All three of these burns can occur as a result of negligence, assault, or otherwise be the fault of another person or entity. For instance: if fire codes are not adhered to, a property owner can be held liable should you be injured in a fire. If substances causing chemical burns are left unmarked or unattended in an accessible space, the owner can be liable if you are injured by them. And finally, if faulty wiring or electrical malfunction has caused you to be injured by a burn, you have a strong legal case to be made. The King Law Firm can represent your or a loved one in any and all of these cases, guaranteeing that you get the compensation you’re entitled to under the law.