Personal Injury Attorney North Hollywood

The term personal injury covers so many different types of cases that some people may not be sure whether it applies to their case. There is an easy way to figure that out because a personal injury is when someone gets hurt in an accident that was caused by the negligent behavior of another person. If you were injured because of someone else’s reckless or careless actions, then there is a good chance that you have a valid personal injury case. However, the best method of finding out is by consulting a North Hollywood personal injury attorney.

Not only will the personal injury lawyer assess your case, but they will also help you to get the compensation you need from the insurance company of the responsible party. That is why anyone in North Hollywood who was injured because of the negligent behavior of someone else should contact the King Law Firm as soon as they can. We will fight on behalf of our clients to get them the compensation they need to take care of the expenses caused by accident. Those expenses can include medical expenses, lost wages, repair or replacement bills for damaged property, emotional turmoil, and more. A personal injury lawyer from the King Law Firm will help anyone from North Hollywood who needs legal assistance after suffering an accident that was caused by the negligent behavior of someone else.

Our Practice Areas

Personal injury encompasses a wide variety of different cases, and the King Law Firm covers all of them. So if you have experienced any of the following in North Hollywood, then be sure to contact us as soon as possible.

North Hollywood Car Accident Attorney

A car accident is one of the most common causes of personal injuries, and it is easy to see why. There are many different ways in which the driver of a car can be negligent, such as texting while driving, driving aggressively, driving drunk, driving while fatigued, and more. Any kind of negligence has the potential to cause an auto accident, and any motor vehicle accident could cause serious injuries to the occupants of the vehicles involved.

North Hollywood Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcycles offer little to no protection for the riders, which is why bike accidents are so dangerous. The rider could get seriously injured, and their motorcycle could sustain serious damage if a car or any other larger vehicle crashes into them. Many bike accidents are caused by the fact that car drivers often do not notice that a motorcycle is nearby and will accidentally collide with them as a result.

North Hollywood Bicycle Accident Attorney 

Bicycles offer even less protection than motorcycles, which is why cyclists are particularly vulnerable to getting seriously injured in accidents involving other vehicles. One of the most common kinds of bicycle accidents is getting doored; this is when the driver or passenger of a parked car opens their door in the path of an oncoming cyclist. The cyclist could collide with the door and get launched over it, landing on their head or back, which could result in severe injuries to the cyclist.

North Hollywood Bus and Truck Accident Attorney

Buses and trucks are some of the largest and heaviest vehicles on the road, which means that they could cause a lot more damage than a standard auto accident. They are both large commercial vehicles that have their own set of rules and regulations that are different from regular vehicles. That is why anyone involved in a bus or truck accident should contact an attorney who specializes in personal injury law because they will be familiar with those regulations and will know how to best help the accident victims.

North Hollywood Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Pedestrians are usually safe on the roads because they have the sidewalk to themselves, and there are zebra crossings that allow them to cross the road safely. However, sometimes a reckless or careless driver will run into a pedestrian who was minding their own business. That kind of accident could cause heavy injuries to the pedestrian and could even be fatal.

North Hollywood Defective Product Attorney

Normally, when a product is defective, it simply does not work as intended, but there are some cases where a defective product can end up harming the user. When that happens, the injured person is entitled to compensation from the party responsible for the defect. Since the defect could occur in any stage of the design, manufacturing, or distribution process, it is necessary to get a personal injury attorney to help determine where the defect occurred so that you know who is responsible.

North Hollywood Premises Liability Attorney

These kinds of cases are about people who got injured in an accident when they were invited onto another person’s property. Those accidents could happen in a place of business like a grocery store or a private residence. A premises liability accident could be a slip and fall or even a dog bite, as long as the dog was not provoked by the guest.

North Hollywood Wrongful Death Attorney

When a person does from the injuries sustained in a personal injury, the case is considered to be a wrongful death. In those kinds of cases, the family of the deceased is entitled to compensation on behalf of the victim.

Why You Should Get Help From a Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury lawyers give accident victims the best chance of getting the compensation that they need to take care of their medical bills, lost wages, damaged property, pain, and suffering, and other expenses caused by the accident. An attorney will help victims file their injury claims, collect evidence that proves the culpability of the responsible party, and negotiate with the insurance company. That is important because insurance companies will usually try to offer the lowest possible settlement, but personal injury lawyers have the experience to negotiate with them so that they offer a fair settlement.

If the insurance company refuses to accept the injury claim or makes an offer that is too low, then the accident victim has to file a lawsuit against the responsible party. If they do that, then they will definitely need the assistance of a personal injury attorney. It should be noted that most personal injury cases rarely ever make it to trial since the responsible party will usually want to resolve the case before that happens.

What Percentage Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Get?

One of the reasons why it is a good idea to hire an attorney is that they work on a contingency basis, which means that they only collect a fee if the case is successful. That fee is a percentage of the settlement paid out by the insurance company. The percentage varies from attorney to attorney, but the average is usually between 33% and 40% of the settlement or award. 

Call Us If You Suffered a Personal Injury in North Hollywood

If you were in an auto accident, experienced a slip and fall on someone’s property, were injured by a defective product, or suffered any other kind of accident in North Hollywood that was caused by negligent behavior, then you should call us at the King Law Firm. We will do everything that we can to help any client who has suffered a personal injury. Our team will do all that we can to help the victim get the compensation that they need, from collecting evidence to negotiating with the insurance company. And if it becomes necessary to file a lawsuit, then we will help with that as well.

You can call us to request a free consultation, and we will evaluate your case for you. And if you do have a case, then we will take you on as a client and fight to get you the compensation you deserve. So if you need a North Hollywood personal injury attorney, then contact us at the King Law Firm so that we can help you.