Rev up Your Legal Rights: Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in California

Riding a motorcycle can be exciting because of the freedom it gives riders. That is until the rider is involved in a motorcycle accident. Motorcycle accidents can leave riders severely injured or even dead due to the negligence of others. In cases like these, motorcycle accident lawyers in California may be the key to protecting the legal rights of a motorcycle accident victim or the family of a victim. 

The California motorcycle accident lawyers at The King Law Firm are here to guide you through your complex legal claim. Motorcycle accident victims often face distinct issues with their claims, which a motorcycle accident lawyer can help them overcome. When you need help after a motorcycle crash, look no further than our legal team.

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Why Choose The King Law Firm for Your Motorcycle Accidents Lawyers in California?

Choosing a California motorcycle accident attorney can be difficult. Many accident victims are concerned that fault will be placed on them for the accident, whether that comes from issues with the insurance company or legal issues. That is why The King Law Firm works hard to help motorcycle accident victims get the compensation they need. 

If you are facing a motorcycle accident case, our motorcycle accident lawyers can offer useful resources for your case. We also have decades of experience and work hard to stand up for those who need an advocate in the courtroom. When you need a California motorcycle accident lawyer or any other type of injury attorney, you can reach out for a free consultation to learn more about what makes us stand out.

Reach out to our California injury lawyer at The King Law Firm, with offices in Northridge, Westlake Village, and Oxnard. We service Motorcycle Accident victims in the following cities:

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What to Know About Motorcycle Accident Cases in California

When filing a motorcycle accident lawsuit, you may face specific difficulties that car drivers may not face. Worse, your California motorcycle accident may have much higher expenses, more serious injuries, and more complications in the courtroom. 

While California motorcycle accident cases can be complex, your motorcycle accident attorney will stand by your side throughout your case. If you are struggling with a motorcycle accident claim, reach out to an attorney who is prepared to tackle the unique legal complexities of your case.


What Makes Motorcycle Accidents Dangerous? 

Motorcycle accident cases are often more complex and dangerous because the motorcycle rider does not have the same protections as other drivers. Because of this, many motorcycle accident injuries tend to be far more severe than car accident injuries. You are more exposed to the road, and you have fewer protections that protect you from severe impacts. 

This means your expenses may be much higher, which can be a problem if you try to settle with the insurance company. They may work hard to avoid paying for your serious injuries and high medical bills. In these cases, you may need an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer on your side to take action.

Blind Spots and Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accident claims can also be difficult because the vehicle can be difficult to see by drivers in four-wheeled vehicles. Cars typically have smaller blind spots than commercial trucks, but because a motorcycle is so small, it could end up in a vehicle’s blind spot. This lack of awareness leads to many accidents, especially in Los Angeles. 

Motorcycle accident law can also affect your claim if you are accused of not wearing your helmet or performing other activities that are unique to motorcycle riders. Fortunately, our motorcycle accident attorneys in California understand the difficulties and differences and are prepared to handle your claim appropriately.

Personal Injury Laws Related to California Motorcycle Accidents 

When filing personal injury claims for an injured motorcyclist, there are certain laws that can impact your California motorcycle accident case. If you are not prepared to deal with these laws and address them in your claim, you may struggle to get compensated for your medical bills, lost wages, and property damage. 

Because there are so many personal injury laws specifically related to injured motorcyclists, be sure to reach out to a California personal injury lawyer who can guide you through your case. Your personal injury attorney should have a strong grasp of California law and how it can affect motorcycle accident injuries and the compensation you can receive.

California’s Fault Laws Regarding Insurance Coverage 

California is a fault state, meaning that if you are involved in an accident with another driver, and they caused the accident, they and their insurance company are financially liable for your motorcycle accident in California. However, filing motorcycle accident lawsuits is not always a simple task. If you were in a motorcycle accident caused by a pothole, for example, you may have difficulty identifying the at-fault party. 

Fortunately, our motorcycle collision attorneys in California are here to help. We can work hard to identify the at-fault party and ensure you get the compensation you need for your suffering.

Comparative Fault 

In both motorcycle accidents and car accidents, you can expect your case to be affected by comparative fault laws. California laws state that if you are partly responsible for the accident, your claim may be reduced by your percentage of fault. 

For example, if you are found 25 percent at fault, your claim will be reduced by that amount, and you will only receive at most 75 percent of the compensation you are due. That can be a huge loss for your claim, which is why having a qualified motorcycle accident lawyer on your side is so important. Motorcycle injury attorneys can defend your case and help you avoid any loss of compensation.

Helmet Laws 

State laws can vary on whether a helmet is required but it can play a big part in reducing motorcycle deaths and protecting riders from serious injury. In California, state legislators recognize this and require that all residents in California wear a helmet when they are motorcycle riding.

If an injured motorcycle rider is accused of not wearing their helmet during a traffic accident, it may impact the value of their motorcycle crash claim. You may need to seek a law firm to guide you through this case and ensure that you get the compensation you need for recovery.

Statute of Limitations 

When people are involved in motorcycle accidents, they have a limited time to file a lawsuit. In California, that time limit is two years. If motorcycle accident claims in California are not filed against the at-fault driver within this time limit, your personal injury case may be denied. That causes financial stress if you don’t get the fair compensation you are due. 

Because of this, you may need to seek compensation for your injury claim. When you act as soon as possible after your motorcycle collision, you can maximize the time you have to prepare your personal injury claim and seek financial compensation. 

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Steps to Take After a Motorcycle Accident in California

When you are involved in a motorcycle accident, it can be difficult to take the right steps to ensure you are abiding by California law. A serious accident can be difficult to overcome, especially if you do not have the right legal knowledge for the case. Fortunately, a motorcycle attorney is here to help. 

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident in California, be sure that you take the following steps especially if you have suffered severe injuries. These steps can help you protect your health and safety as well as your legal claim.

Stay Safe at the Scene 

Your first step in dealing with the aftermath of the motorcycle accident is to ensure you and anyone else involved is as safe as possible. While some injury victims may be unable to be moved, ensuring that everyone is as safe as possible is vital. 

However, be sure that you do not leave the scene of the accident. Law enforcement may see that as fleeing the accident scene and that can come with severe legal penaltiesu.

Call the Authorities 

Once as much immediate danger as possible is removed, contact emergency services. Your accident must be reported, and the emergency services can help you prevent further damage or injury. 

Keep in mind that, by law, serious injuries must be reported to the police. If you fail to do so, you may face legal penalties.

Get Medical Care 

When you are involved in a motorcycle accident, you may have suffered severe injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, and internal injuries. Unfortunately, many motorcycle riders choose not to seek medical care, leading to worsening injuries and even motorcyclist fatalities. 

Worse, you may not be aware that you are injured. For example, you may have suffered a traumatic brain injury but may not know until it has worsened. Even if you feel fine, talk to medical professionals about your needs.

Report Your Accident to the Insurance Company 

Even if you do not use your insurance company coverage, it is still important to notify your insurance company involved with the case about the accident. They will need to include this information in their records even if you do not file a claim. 

Insurance companies also often offer uninsured motorist coverage. For motorcyclists who were injured by drivers who are underinsured or uninsured, this can provide compensation for you in situations where you would not receive it from the at-fault party.

Do Not Admit Fault 

While there are many causes of motorcycle accidents, drivers unfortunately often blame motorcyclists for their injuries. They may even use outdated stereotypes and other claims to avoid paying for your recovery. 

Because of this, it is vital not to admit fault, even if you think youwere partly at fault for the accident. Accepting blame can lead to a reduction or dismissal of your claim, leaving you paying out of pocket for your injuries.

Consult an Attorney about Your Options 

Once you have gotten the medical care and support you need, your next step is to take legal action. That means speaking with an attorney about your options to file a lawsuit. While filing with a lawyer is not required, they can make a big difference in the success rate of your claim and can take the pressure off you when you are hurt and suffering.

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Compensation Options Available to Motorcycle Accident Victims

When you are injured in a California motorcycle accident, you need compensation to cover the various damages you have suffered. These damages include any financial, mental, or emotional suffering caused by the accident. 

However, knowing your options and what your claim is worth can be difficult without legal aid. Talk to your attorney about what your claim is worth and what compensation you may be due for your damages.

Economic Damages 

Motorcycle accidents are often expensive, making them difficult to recover from financially. Since motorcycles lack many safety features, your medical expenses could be high. You may also need time off work, resulting in lost wages. If your bike is damaged or totaled, you may also need compensation for your property damage. 

All your economic damages can be added up or estimated if there are future damages you have not yet suffered. Talk to your lawyer about correctly estimating your damages to maximize your compensation.

Non-Economic Damages 

Your non-economic damages are the intangible losses you have experienced because of the accident. Also known as pain and suffering, these damages do not have a set dollar amount, but instead are based on the severity of your injuries and the impact they have had on your life. 

Unfortunately, these could be difficult to calculate properly without the right tools. If you are struggling to define what the non-economic damages are worth in your specific case, you may need to speak with an attorney before you file.

Punitive Damages 

Unfortunately, some drivers take unneeded risks with motorcyclists’ safety, and this is one of the many causes of motorcycle fatalities. Whether you were severely injured or you lost a loved one, when someone is dangerously careless with your safety or intentionally tries to harm you, you may be due punitive damages. 

Punitive damages are not meant to compensate you for a specific damage. Instead, punitive damages are meant to punish the wrongdoer. These damages are only awarded in specific cases, so talk to your attorney if you believe you have grounds to pursue them.

Client Testimonials and Success Stories

When seeking the right law firm for your needs, sometimes one of the best ways you can determine if they are right for you is to look at their client testimonials. A past track record of success can be a good sign for your claim and the likelihood of your being one of their success stories. 

Below are a few statements our clients have made about our work:

  • “I would recommend Kenneth King to anyone involved in a car accident.”
  • “If you’re looking for an aggressive and competent attorney, call Kenneth King, he will fight for you.”
  • “King Law will always be my go to firm and I recommend them if you’re going through as much hell as I did.”

Tips for Choosing the Right Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Finding the right attorney for your case can be difficult. You may have many options in the Los Angeles area alone, let alone the rest of California. That can make it difficult to make a decision, especially if you are not familiar with the awards and designations that attorneys receive. Because of this, our California motorcycle accident attorneys have provided a few tips to help you choose the right motorcycle accident lawyer for you.

Below are a few tips we suggest you complete if you have been injured in a motorcycle accident and are looking for an attorney to represent you:

  • Always check their reviews
  • Ask friends and family for recommendations
  • Look at the case results for cases like yours
  • Ask for a free consultation before you sign anything
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California Motorcycle Accident FAQ 

When you have been injured in a motorcycle accident in California, you may be overwhelmed with the questions you have. Some questions may be case-specific about the details of your particular accident, or you might have general questions about state laws and your options to move forward. In either case, you may need an attorney to help you. 

While you may find many answers to your questions, free advice is as valuable as its name suggests. Sometimes, this information may be outdated, not specific to your state, or not offered by a professional. When you contact an attorney, you can get answers that apply to you specifically, so you can begin your journey to recovery. 

If you are ready to file your claim, reach out to an attorney for a personalized answer to each of your questions. While you wait for your consultation, check out the questions below to learn more about your options.

How much is a motorcycle accident settlement in California?

The value of your motorcycle accident settlement will vary depending on the details of your accident. For example, if you were mildly injured because you were knocked off your bike, your settlement may not be large. However, if you suffered life-changing injuries and your bike was totaled, the story may be different. 

Our team focuses, not on the average settlement, but on the maximum compensation we can seek for your case. If you are unsure what your claim is worth, reach out for guidance for case-specific answers.

How much do accident attorneys charge in California?

In California, personal injury and accident attorneys do not charge a flat fee. They instead charge on a contingency basis. This means that you will set an agreed-upon percentage of your compensation to pay if the case is successful. However, if your case does not succeed, you do not pay anything. That keeps costs low for injury victims who may have to pay out of pocket for their needs.

What is the statute of limitations for a motorcycle accident in California?

When you have suffered a motorcycle accident in California, you only have two years from the date of the accident to file a claim. If you do not act within this time limit, you may lose your chance of compensation. 

However, keep in mind that this can work to your advantage. By maintaining these strict time limits, you have a better chance to preserve evidence and get your compensation as soon as possible, rather than waiting years for it.

What to do after a motorcycle accident?

If you are in a motorcycle accident, your first priority is your safety and the safety of others involved. Once help is on the way and everyone involved has been moved from immediate danger, you can start gathering evidence for your case and exchanging contact information with the other driver and witnesses. After this, you may need to file an insurance claim, or you may need to contact an attorney about your injury lawsuit.

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Contact Our California Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

When you have been injured in a California motorcycle accident, recovery can feel almost impossible. Your injuries might be severe, your insurance company may be trying to avoid paying for your injuries, and the at-fault party may even be trying to blame you. When this happens, you might need a motorcycle accident attorney on your side to get results. 

When you are hurt and suffering and need legal representation for motorcycle accidents in California, contact The King Law Firm for help. You can start with a free consultation with our team, which can provide you with specific guidance for your motorcycle accident claim. We have the tools, experience, and top-rated customer service to guide you through the difficult issues you may face when filing a motorcycle accident injury claim. 

When you are ready to file your claim, do not hesitate to reach out as soon as possible. Get a free consultation when you call us or when you fill out our online contact form.