Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Northridge

Bicycle car accident

A cycling accident can be extremely devastating for a cyclist, especially if they are struck by a motor vehicle. Without airbags, seat belts, bumpers, or the chassis of a vehicle to protect a cyclist, an impact on a bicycle is usually an impact directly on the rider. To make matters worse, the law surrounding cycling accidents may be difficult to navigate with specific cities maintaining different laws regarding bicyclists.

Have years of experience as a cyclist, Kenneth King, and The King Law Firm understand what goes into cycling and the attendant risks one takes when getting on the road with metal monsters. The laws regarding cycling may seem confusing to outsiders, but they are very straight forward and protective of cyclists when handling by the informed attorney.

Many cycling accidents have multiple factors involved and even if the accident is partially the fault of the cyclist, the cyclist will often prevail and win with proper representation. Even more so that with auto accidents, it is crucial that injured cyclists obtain legal representation.

Crashed bicycle

Insurance companies will do everything within their power to minimize the payout to injured parties. According to California law, cyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as motor vehicle drivers, which means cyclists shouldn’t be bullied into accepting more blame than a driver, and an injured cyclist is entitled to compensation.

The King Law has the expertise to maximize results for the injured cyclist.