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Workers injuries

Injuries from Exposure to Chemicals or Bad Work Conditions

Under federal and state laws, employers must provide a safe workplace. If you have been injured due to unsafe working conditions or exposure to unsafe chemicals or substances at your place/location of work, you are not without redress.  Kenneth King and The King Law Firm are advocates for those who have been injured due to hazards in the workplace.  If you have been injured contact, The King Law Firm and the King Law Firm will help you determine if you have a case and if so, The King Law Firm will guide you step-by-step through the legal process.


Everyone in a workplace expects to be safe and healthy when doing their work or when visiting a certain workplace. The workplace should be adequately ventilated, have adequate lighting, have necessary facilities such as a restroom and the clothing appropriate for the working conditions such as lab coats for people working in a lab. It is the sole responsibility of the employer to ensure that the people working in his office or company and the people who come to visit them, whether customers or otherwise, remain safe when in the workplace environment. This is stated by the law protecting the right of an employee to be safe and healthy around the workplace. Poor working conditions will either lead to injury, social awkwardness, ill health and other negative effects. These effects mean that the employer has violated your right to safety and good health as part of the team. The King Law Firm have obtained the largest injury has got settlements in Ventura County. Also which an amazing experience of 30 years, no one can beat us.

Any employee who notices the poor working conditions that could bring harm to them, they are advised not to continue working and report the poor working conditions to the relevant offices or the authorities. This is because the dangers of these poor working conditions should be avoided by the employer by ensuring the place is safe and conducive to work in.

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In the event that the employee ends up being harmed, injured or suffers an illness due to the poor work conditions, the employer is held responsible, and a law suit can and should be filed against them. When you decide to take such action, it is recommended that you hire a poor work conditions lawyer who will represent you in such a case and ensure you are properly compensated for the suffering you go through. Just call us, and we will give you a super consultation and take your case in the right direction.