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Steps for a Slip and Fall Case 

Starting a slip and fall case can be complicated and a long journey. Some slip and fall cases can take months and up to a year. However, being prepared and organized ahead of time will help speed up the results. The following are some simple guidelines meant to help you understand the best path towards a fair settlement.

Call 911

After an accident, calling 911 and getting medical care should be your top priority. Doing so will help you get help for your injuries while also generating important documentation for your injury case. Once a Los Angeles or Sylmar police officer is at the scene, they will compile an accident report that discusses things like whether or not negligence was at play in the accident, the extent of your injuries, their determination of fault and liability, and more. 

During a free consultation, an attorney loves to hear that their potential clients called 911 and worked with EMTs to establish initial care for their injuries. This decision avoids uncomfortable conflicts with a property owner who tries to convince a victim to deal directly with them, generates useful legal documentation, and will be very helpful in establishing a baseline of information for a claim or lawsuit. 

Gather Evidence

Immediately after a slip and fall accident, try to document everything that occurred. You should take pictures and videos of the scene to show how the accident happened and to prove that negligence led to you being injured. Document the injury itself to show the extent of the damage. A video can be very helpful after an accident because you can narrate the situation while it is still fresh in your head. Attorneys can provide their clients with much better support when they have such in-depth details about how and where they were injured.

If you cannot gather this evidence because of your medical needs, make sure you do not hurt yourself trying to fight through your injuries. You will have an accident report, your own recollection of the accident, and the legal guidance of an experienced attorney who will help to establish liability on your behalf. Your health should be your absolute top priority after a Sylmar accident.

Avoiding Smaller Settlements

You may be contacted by the insurance company in an attempt to offer you a quick settlement. It is recommended you decline these offers as they are typically far less than you deserve, either through direct negotiations or a lawsuit award. In most cases, this offer does not cover medical costs and future costs that you haven’t even encountered yet. Insurance companies try to drive down the costs of an insurance claim to save their business as much money as possible. However, this comes at the expense of those who have been injured in accidents that the insurance company’s clients caused. 

Your attorney will be able to review the offer and explain your legal options in clear, understandable language, a welcome difference from the complex and overwhelming legal language that an insurance company uses while trying to quickly settle a Sylmar accident claim.

Review With Your Personal Injury Attorneys

Once you have gathered as much information as possible, you will work with your attorney to get an understanding of your options. In many cases, it makes sense for a Sylmar attorney to work towards a settlement offer after these types of accidents in order to avoid a lawsuit. This will require skillful and aggressive negotiations, and in the event that they fail, the next step will be to take the case to the California courts.  

They may need to seek out additional evidence to prove that the property owner is neglectful and could have avoided this situation. The personal injury attorney will organize all of this information and prepare it for the next steps of the legal process. 


Your Sylmar slip and fall attorney will take your case to the insurance company in order to initiate a process of negotiations and counter-offers meant to work towards fair compensation. Slip and fall accidents caused by a property owner’s negligence can have a serious impact on their business, and when a settlement is being spearheaded by a well-known Sylmar personal injury law firm like The King Law Firm, the attorneys or adjuster representing the property owner may be motivated to reach an agreement about compensation without taking the case to court. 

When you have proven injury attorneys providing your legal representation in Sylmar, your chances of getting a fair settlement improve greatly — all while you are able to focus on your recovery without the added stress.

Accept The Settlement

If all terms of your counter-offer are accepted, you would typically receive a check and sign a release form. This release form is a contract which states that the responsible parties agreed to a specific amount and that you accepted this as final payment. This means that you will no longer make any additional claims against the other party or their insurance company for this accident. Once you receive the check, the entire process is complete. You can contact our Sylmar personal injury law firm for additional questions. 

Additional Steps If Settlement Is Rejected

If your counter-offer is rejected, you next fill out a summons or complaint form. This is the form the personal injury lawyer will submit to the court to initiate a lawsuit and describes exactly what happened and how you believe the owner of the premises is at fault. It must be as factual as possible and contain all of the information which points to the evidence. 

It should include how your injury came about, who is responsible, all the parties that were involved, and which party you believe should compensate you for this injury. In this scenario, it is the jury that decides what the compensation amount will be. Personal injury lawyers will often try to reach a settlement without filing a lawsuit in order to maintain control over the outcome without relying on uninvolved third parties. 

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