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Truck drivers have major responsibilities, which include both the transportation of products and keeping you safe around their vehicle when they are delivering goods. It is their professionalism that prevents a massive disaster that can happen because of mishaps on the road. Truck accidents are life-threatening and cause many fatal car collisions every year. After going through a truck accident, you should seek professional help from a truck accident lawyer in Ventura, CA. They will support you and help you obtain a fair settlement for such a serious incident. 

When you are ready to demand compensation for your recent collision, you can work with a great team of truck accident lawyers in southern California. Contact Personal Injury King today for a free consultation and to get legal advice about how our Ventura, CA law firm can help recover lost wages, medical bills, and more. Trucking accidents are just one of our many practice areas that an attorney is here to help you through today.

What Happens In Truck Accidents

While trucks only make up 4% of mobile vehicles on the road, they can result in 1 out of 10 highway deaths from trucking accidents. After a terrible collision with a tractor-trailer in Ventura, California, you should take these immediate steps. 

What Can Cause A Truck Accident 

A tractor-trailer loaded with goods can easily weigh 30 to 40 tons. They have great difficulty slowing down when driving on fast-moving highways. Meanwhile, most cars only weigh between 3,000 to 4,000 pounds, which is minuscule in comparison to a semi. Additionally, trucks are much higher off the ground than cars. Truckers require more time and room to come to a stop, especially at higher speeds. Often, cars end up crushed or trapped underneath a truck because they can slide underneath the tractor-trailer. Other accidents include rear-end and head-on collisions, roll-over accidents, and tire blowouts. The most dangerous collision is a jackknife accident where trucks brake too soon, and their trailer veers off at an angle, causing them to roll over. 

Why A Truck Driver May Be Negligent 

On average, one-third of truck crashes were due to truck driver mistakes. Even though truckers are trained in commercial driving in adherence to strict federal law, they are not immune to distraction. They may fail to yield to the right of way, act carelessly in their driving, or may speed. Other reasons they cause accidents are due to fatigue, sickness, or alcohol.  Fatigue seems to be the biggest culprit, as truckers have to drive long distances and get very little sleep during their day and night schedules. Federal law restricts the hours a trucker can operate a commercial vehicle in specific time ranges, but no laws can guarantee they will be well-rested on the road.

Other influences that can cause a trucking accident are environmental factors. Inclement weather makes it difficult for truck drivers to see or maneuver, especially when there are so many blind spots around their vehicles. Weather events such as heavy rain or snow are common situations that lead to an injured victim following Ventura County truck accidents.

Common Injuries From Truck Accidents 

Tractor-trailer collisions are extremely serious and can cause significant property damage. This is in addition to the major likelihood that people in a smaller vehicle will be injured. They often are the result of multiple-car collisions and can be fatal. Some of the injuries you might experience from a truck accident are broken bones, loss of limbs, back injuries, burns, and neck injuries. Injury to the brain and spine are also common and can result in paralysis. Working with experienced lawyers in Ventura County, California is one of the best ways to ensure that you get fair and adequate compensation. We understand the California laws and fight to get our clients what they deserve.

Evidence You Should Collect

Truck accidents are a lot different from car accidents, especially because these individuals are hired to drive and transport goods as professionals. You (or your attorneys) should work to collect all of the following information to support your legal case:

Black Box Information

Most trucks have a black box that records vital information about how fast a vehicle was going and when the trucker pressed on the brake. This can show whether or not the trucker violated any law or acted in a notably dangerous manner leading up to your Ventura crash.

Inspection Reports

A certified inspector will always check the vehicle before it is moved to a mechanic. The state trooper will keep this information on file. This is not included in the accident report that a police officer writes up, but your truck accident attorney will be able to request it on behalf of their clients.

Technical Devices

The GPS, inclinometers, and other computers used on the vehicle will show what slope the vehicle was at while in transport. This may help show more information about the crash that can support your insurance claim and legal options.

Logbook Hours of Service 

Under the law set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, a trucker has a legal limit to the hours they can drive in certain timeframes. If your truck accident attorney recognizes that they violated these laws, they will be able to include this information in your insurance claim.

Driver Qualifications 

This will show the driving records, work history, and company files regarding the truck driver’s background. If they are unqualified, your attorney may be able to fight for a higher compensation amount for putting your life at risk. 

Alcohol and Drug Test Results 

After a collision, truck drivers are often tested for any substance abuse. Your attorney will understand how to use these results to your advantage in your case.

Other Reports

You can obtain the loading dock, weigh station, and dispatch instructions for the truck driver. It may have additional clues that are useful to you.

Traffic Camera Recordings

This is useful if the collision happened near a traffic camera. Your attorney will work to get the footage to show how the accident happened.

Crash Evidence

You must try to get witness reports, a police report, and photos of the accident. Take pictures of the tire marks from the truck to show the direction the truck took during and after the collision. 

Get Professional Help in Ventura, CA

After a horrible truck accident, don’t delay requesting a settlement. Work with a talented team of truck accident lawyers in Ventura. Contact Personal Injury King for a free consultation.