Uber Accident Lawyer North Hollywood

When Uber opened its operations, it disrupted the taxi industry and made getting from place to place much easier. It created a new industry and gave many people the opportunity to earn money in their spare time using their private vehicles. When an industry is new, it will always have some complications. 

If you are injured in an Uber, or by an Uber driver, knowing where to file an insurance claim can be challenging. In some cases, you will file a claim with Uber, in other cases, you will file a claim against the Uber driver’s insurance, and in other instances, you will file a claim with your own insurance company. 

Whose Insurance Will Cover my Accident?

Uber Accidents

If you are a passenger, your medical bills will be covered if you have an accident during an Uber ride. Uber has its own insurance and also mandates anyone working as a driver to have their own policy. Because the company offers no training to its drivers and the drivers are not employed by the company, they also offer supplemental coverage to drivers. 

Uber’s insurance covers drivers starting when they mark themselves as available on the app. However, they will have additional coverage when they actually pick up a passenger. 

Because they are a business, Uber has more insurance coverage than an average driver. Uber usually has $1 million in coverage for total liability and an additional $1 million for uninsured motorists. They will cover up to $1,000 for damages to an automobile. When drivers do not have a passenger, the insurance drops to $50,000 for each accident and $100,000 for each person. 

A person who is injured while a passenger in an Uber will have more coverage than they would if they were injured by a regular driver. The state of California requires drivers to have bodily injury liability coverage of $15,000 for each person and $30,000 for each accident minimum.

The Problem with Ubers Policies

When two regular drivers collide with one another, they exchange insurance information. When a driver collides with an Uber driver, the Uber driver can provide their policy information, but may not know Uber’s insurance information. Uber works with several insurance carriers throughout 50 states. Tracking down the policy that covers your accident can be a time-consuming and frustrating problem.  

What Agency Oversees Uber

Part of the problem with suing an uber driver or tracking down the insurance policy under which a person is covered is a lack of regulation in the ride-share industry. 

Although Uber drivers must follow the rules of the road, there is not an agency within the Department of Transportation specifically dedicated to ridesharing services. However, the Federal Trade Commission regulates Uber’s business practices. The California Utility Commission also oversees Uber because they operate over the phone.  

How Common are Uber Accidents?

In 2019 and 2020, Uber reported 20 people killed in assaults and 101 killed in accidents during Uber rides. According to Uber, 99.9% of their rides end without incident. Although they are not regulated by the National Highway Safety Administration, Uber used the agency’s information to compile its statistics. 

These statistics do not account for people who extend rides off the app. You should never agree to give an Uber driver cash, even if offered a major discount. 

Some Uber rides will end shortly after a driver hits the end ride button. If a rider accidentally puts an incorrect address into the Uber app and it is only a few blocks away, the driver might end the ride at the address in the app, and take the rider to the actual address for free. Sexual assailants who work as Uber drivers have been known to end the ride early so the car’s location cannot be tracked. When a ride ends early, Uber’s insurance policy will no longer cover it.

If you drive for Uber, and were set to available, but did not have a passenger when an accident occurred, Uber’s insurance company may claim your vehicle was not covered. If you attempt to file a claim with your own insurance company, they may try to claim they did not know you used your vehicle for profit and try to deny the claim. It is a good idea to call our firm before you ever speak with an insurer.

When you hire The King Law Firm, our researchers will find the insurance policy under which your Uber driver was covered. We will assist you with filling out paperwork and collecting evidence. We can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf. We will represent you in court if it is necessary to sue Uber or the insurance company. 

Getting into an accident is stressful whether you are an Uber driver, a passenger, or a car that collides with an Uber. You deserve the best legal representation in California. Give us a call today.