Injury Types

Wheelchair accident

Every accident is unique, and no matter what type of accident you are involved in, the injuries that you sustain are equally unique and depend on an incalculable number of variables that contribute to the type of injury and the severity of those injuries that you sustain. Regardless of the specifics, if you are hurt in an accident that someone else caused, then you have every right to expect compensation for your injuries, the financial impacts of your accident, and the emotional distress that you have been forced to endure. 

After being involved in any type of accident that someone else caused, you have rights that must be upheld, and compensation that you are entitled to. The team at The King Law Firm is available now for a free initial consultation where we will be able to discuss your injuries in greater detail, give you an idea of how we can help, and discuss similar cases that we have won in the past. More than anything, you deserve a stress-free recovery with the confidence that there is someone fighting to get you what you deserve.

Read more below to get an idea of some of the common types of injuries that are represented in personal injury cases, but whether or not you see anything that resembles your own experience, contact us as soon as possible. The sooner we are able to begin working together, the more time we will have to build a strong and compelling case for getting you every dollar that you deserve.

Common Injuries After Personal Injury Accidents in California

The following are just some examples and information about common types of injuries. There are many more injuries that will not be discussed below, but this does not make them any less important and does not mean that we are unable to help you with your own injuries if they are not listed. Contact us as soon as possible to request your free initial consultation. During your consultation, we will discuss your injuries in great detail so that we can understand the severity of your situation and the type of case that we will build when we begin our work together.

Sensory Loss Injury 

Sensory loss of any kind is a serious type of injury, with lasting and life-changing effects on the victim. There are many different ways that someone could suffer from this type of injury, including things like impact injuries, spinal cord damage, drug reactions, and more. The following are just a few common examples of sensory losses that can result from an accident or injury. 

Hearing Loss

The eardrums are extremely sensitive, and they can be affected by a range of things including long-term exposure to loud noises, diseases like meningitis, or acute hearing loss due to an impact or other trauma. As with all injuries, there are many other ways that someone can suffer from hearing damage or loss as well.

Vision Loss

Vision loss can be the result of direct injury to the eyes, but can also happen due to many other causes including (but not limited to) things like illness, drug interactions, or trauma. Because the eyes are so sensitive and vulnerable, anyone can be at risk of either partial or permanent vision loss no matter the type of accident they are involved in.

Loss of Smell

Smell and taste are very closely linked through the olfactory system, and like all other sensory losses can either be acute or take place over an extended period of time, depending on a range of factors. In many cases, someone may be born without a strong sense of smell, meaning that they may be unaware of this deficit throughout their life. In other instances, someone may lose their ability to smell due to trauma or illness. 

Loss of Somatic Senses

“Touch” is commonly used as shorthand for the collection of somatic senses that go far beyond recognizing contact, and include things like temperature, texture, and pain. Paralysis, either partial or full, can play a significant role in a victim’s loss of their somatic senses, but there are a variety of other injuries that can cause this type of loss, as well. Nerve damage, brain damage, illness, or an impact injury can also contribute to this type of loss, which can be extremely unsettling and disruptive to a victim.

Taste Loss

While taste and smell are closely linked, they are, in fact, separate senses, and depending on the nature of the injury, a victim may lose their ability to taste while retaining their sense of smell, or vise versa. 

Brain Injury 

Brain injuries of any kind are extremely dangerous and can be caused through any number of things such as impacts during an accident or assault, drug overdoses or interactions, loss of oxygen, and more. Brain injuries can range from something such as a minor concussion, with side effects limited to headaches and general “fogginess” of thought for a period of time, but can also be as serious as comas, brain death, permanent loss of certain brain functions, or death. 

In many cases, a brain injury can cause significant changes to someone’s personality, including irritability, outbursts, depression, and more. Traumatic brain injuries are known as a “silent killer,” because their impacts can go unrecognized or untreated for a long time. If you suspect that you or a loved one has suffered any degree of brain injury, it is very important that it is treated by a medical professional immediately.

Burn Injury 

Burns can be sustained due to direct contact with high heat, in an accident, workplace hazard, assault, and many other cases; additionally, burns can be caused by prolonged exposure to the sun, radiation, and other factors, both manmade and environmental. Burns can range from minor (first degree) to extreme (fourth degree), and can be something like minor skin irritability from a small sunburn to complete charring of the muscle and bone. Depending on the nature of the burn, the victim may require surgery, skin grafts, and more. 

Paralysis Injury 

Paralysis generally comes from damage to the spinal cord, which is a bundle of nerves that run from the brain stem down the spine, and allow for the brain to control the extremities and exchange information. When these nerves are severed, either partially or completely, there are many different impacts on the victim. Depending on the location of the injury and the totality of the nerve damage, a victim could suffer from loss of senses in localized areas, or could suffer from complete paralysis. 

Fractures and Broken Bone Injury Cases 

Fractured bones are very common in impact accidents, and like all other injuries, they require immediate medical attention in order to provide the victim with the best chance of a full recovery. These injuries can be extremely painful and have a serious impact on things like mobility, a victim’s ability to complete their normal work, and more. If you have suffered a fractured bone as a result of someone else’s behavior, then you deserve to be compensated for your injuries.

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