Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Northridge

Moto car accident

Some people live for the feeling of riding down a road on two wheels. But the very same activity that can make you feel alive can lead to your demise. Riding a motorcycle can be dangerous. If you’re involved in an accident, you could suffer a serious or fatal injury.

There were 5,096 motorcycle accidents in Los Angeles County in 2016. Many of those accidents occurred in Northridge. In most cases, the riders weren’t the ones to blame for the accidents. Rather, reckless car drivers are liable for the collisions. If a negligent driver caused your accident and injuries, you can seek compensation. The King Law Firm wants to represent you and fight for your financial restitution.

What Causes Motorcycle Accidents?

A motorcycle rider could follow every safety precaution and still end up with an injury. This is because you can never be prepared for what other drivers will do.

All of the following situations can cause motorcycle accidents in Northridge:

Distracted Drivers

Crashed motorcycle accident

Distracted Drivers have a hard time seeing other cars, let alone motorcycles. Unfortunately, many drivers ignore the road and focus on things that don’t matter. They read texts, write emails, and loom at passengers while driving.

While looking at their phone, a driver might not see a motorcycle next to them. As they change lanes, they could hit the motorcyclist. If a driver is turning, they might not see an oncoming rider. Their failure to watch the road could cause a fatal accident.

Hazards in the Road

Sometimes, another driver isn’t the cause of the accident. Rather, the cause could be a road hazard. If a construction crew fails to clean debris off the road, a motorcyclist could hit the debris and lose control. In this scenario, the construction company could be liable for the accident.

The state or local government could also be responsible. It’s their job to keep the roads safe. If they fail to maintain safe roadways, they could be responsible for your accident. For instance, an unrepaired pothole might cause your accident. The local government’s failure to fix the pothole could make them responsible.

Aggressive Driving

California drivers can be aggressive. While this puts all drivers at risk, it can be particularly dangerous to motorcycle riders.

Tailgating a motorcycle can be a recipe for disaster. Likewise, a speeding car can cause an accident. While driving so quickly, they might not see a motorcyclist on the road. It takes longer for a speeding car to slow down, which could cause a collision.

What Can You Do After Your Accident?

After your accident, your priority should be your health. You should seek immediate attention from a qualified medical professional. In many cases, this means going to the emergency room.

After your immediate health needs are cared for, you should contact an attorney. This is because you could be in for a fight. Obtaining compensation for your accident is no simple task. Even if you go through the insurance company, they may not be willing to compensate you.

If you work with a motorcycle accident attorney in Northridge, you can take on a powerful insurance company. Your lawyer can negotiate a fair settlement. With the money you receive, you may be able to afford the medical care you need to recover.

Filing a Personal Injury Claim

Another option could be to file a personal injury claim. When a negligent party is liable for an accident, the law holds them accountable. A motorcycle accident attorney in Northridge, CA can file a claim on your behalf. Then, you can be one step closer to receiving compensation for your accident. Contact The King Law Firm today.