Negligent Maintenance of Property Law

Negligent road works

Negligent Maintenance of Property

Negligence on the part of another can cause serious injury or even death to you or a loved one. Another’s negligent maintenance of their property is a major of cause of injuries to individuals every day. Whether the injury occurs on public property or private property, accidents do happen.

Some of the most common accidents of this type are slip or trip and fall accidents, in which a property owner fails to fix a large separation in a walk way, or allows dangerous sharp edges to protrude from furniture or display racks. Other injuries occur from slippery floors or surfaces or other hidden dangers unforeseen to the casual observer. The King Law Firm has experience in representing those injured due to the negligent maintenance of both public and private property by remiss landowners.

The King Law Firm will ensure you receive the maximum compensation for which you are entitled for your personal injuries.