Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Northridge

In 2016, there were 101 pedestrians killed and injured in Northridge accidents. The majority of those accidents could have been prevented with a little more caution. All too often, the drivers were negligent and responsible for the crash.

While the aftermath of every accident is difficult to handle, pedestrian accidents come with added challenges. The injuries tend to be catastrophic, which makes it more difficult for victims to move on with their lives. If you were injured or a loved one was killed in an accident, you deserve compensation. A pedestrian accident attorney in Northridge can explain the legal route you need to take to receive damages. The King Law Firm is ready to fight for you.

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The Most Common Causes of Pedestrian Deaths and Injuries in Northridge

In most pedestrian accidents, the driver is partially or fully responsible for the incident. There have only been a few rare instances of pedestrians being completely at-fault. Even if the driver isn’t to blame, a third-party may be liable for the accident.

Any of the following actions could cause a pedestrian accident in Northridge:

Driving While Texting

If a driver is writing or reading a text while driving, they’re not looking at the road. This means they can’t see other vehicles or cars, even if it’s only for a few seconds. It’s enough time for a driver to hit and injure or kill a pedestrian.

Failing to Yield

Drivers who are too eager to turn on red often fail to check the crosswalk for pedestrians. This is a frequent cause of pedestrian crashes. By failing to yield, they are liable for the accident. Some drivers don’t even notice that there is a crosswalk, which can be particularly dangerous.

Driving too Quickly

A speeding driver cannot stop their vehicle in time to avoid hitting a pedestrian. Additionally, they have less control over their car and could end up on the sidewalk. By driving over the posted speed limit, they put pedestrians in danger.

Drunk Driving

Another common cause of pedestrian accidents is drunk driving. Alcohol impairs judgment and decreases your reaction time. Unfortunately, this is a lethal combination that puts everyone else on the road at risk.

How to Handle the Aftermath of Your Accident

Immediately after your accident, you need to take action. Your first step should be to seek medical attention. Typically, victims of pedestrian accidents have significant injuries and need emergency medical care. Without it, the injuries might not heal to their full potential.

Once you receive your medical treatment, you should take steps towards filing a personal injury claim against the responsible party. To get started, you should call a pedestrian accident lawyer in Northridge. They will be able to investigate your claim and determine if you have enough evidence for a lawsuit.

If you do have a claim, your lawyer might send a demand notice to the opposing party. The letter will request enough money for you to cover all of your medical expenses, missed wages, and more.

The Legal Process

The next step is to actually file the claim. A personal injury lawyer with knowledge of pedestrian accident law in Northridge will be able to craft an effective legal strategy. In addition to handling all the paperwork, they will collect evidence and determine the best way to move forward with your case.

In most situations, the case never goes to trial. This is because cases are usually resolved in mediation, where the plaintiff signs an agreement and receives a settlement check. Mediation is a lengthy negotiation process that involves making an argument for your damages and convincing the opposing side that a settlement is a better option than a trial.

If your case doesn’t get resolved, it will eventually go to trial. Once again, it’s up to your personal injury lawyer in Northridge to fight for you. They must convince the judge that the other party was negligent and that you are entitled to all of the damages you are requesting. If successful, your lawyer will get you a favorable verdict.

Finding an Experienced Pedestrian Accident Attorney in Northridge

While the personal injury lawsuit process is fairly straightforward, there are many opportunities for mistakes to be made. And one small mistake is all it takes to have your case thrown out.

With an experienced attorney by your side, you have a better chance of getting the money you deserve. They will ensure your damages are properly calculated and will handle every step of the legal process. While they do the work, you have time to recover from your injuries. The King Law Firm has spent years assisting victims of pedestrian accidents, and we want to help you. Call us today to get started.