Aggressive Driving Accidents

aggressive driver weaving

When you are on the road and an aggressive driver is weaving in and out of traffic, tailgating, swerving, or making other actions that are intimidating or distracting, the chances of them causing an accident is much higher than when everyone on the road is driving safely and respectfully. In fact, an aggressive driver may cause someone to be involved in a single-car accident if they swerve or lose control based on fear of the aggressive driver’s behavior, or could cause an accident with another vehicle that was driving responsibly. In these instances, sorting out fault and responsibility for the crash and any resulting injuries can be complicated and stressful.

In addition to these possible complications, the simple fact is that getting into an accident with an aggressive driver can be a terrifying experience, and after the accident, you may be afraid for your safety if they continue to act aggressively or dangerously. This type of stress can cause serious and lasting impacts from the accident such as emotional suffering and fear, as well as the physical injuries that you have suffered.

Work With an Experienced Oxnard Car Accident Lawyer Now

The King Law Firm is available for a free consultation, which you can request immediately. During your initial consultation, we will be able to go over the details of your accident and get a better understanding of your options moving forward. More than 50% of all fatal accidents in 2012 involved some type of aggressive driving, which is a good indication of how dangerous this type of behavior truly is. 

What Type of Behavior is Considered Aggressive Driving?

There are a variety of different ways that someone can engage in aggressive driving, although many people immediately think of road rage when they hear the term. Road rage is an extremely aggressive, violent, and dangerous act that is the result of stress on the roads, but there is much more to consider when defining aggressive driving. The following are just a few examples:

  • Speeding
  • Weaving in and out of traffic
  • Cutting people off
  • Driving in the breakdown lane to get around traffic
  • Brake checking
  • Making obscene gestures or saying obscene things to other drivers

There are many other types of aggressive driving that can lead to an accident, and it is important that you know that you have rights after this type of accident.

What To Do After an Aggressive Driving Accident

Focus on Safety

As with any type of car accident, the most important thing for you to focus on is your own personal safety, starting with staying safe while waiting for the first responders, and then prioritizing your necessary medical attention. An accident with an aggressive driver could possible add an additional layer of danger after the initial impact, especially if the driver is now indicating that they may be violent or dangerous following the crash. The adrenaline that everyone experiences in a car accident can lead the aggressive driver to grow increasingly agitated.

Call 911 Immediately

Make sure that either you or someone else in the area call 911 so that they can dispatch the police, fire department, and EMTs to secure the area. If the driver is still acting aggressively, it is especially important that you make sure the 911 dispatcher is aware of this fact so that the police know what to expect when they arrive. 

Get Medical Attention

If you have suffered from any injuries at all, it is important that you work with the EMTs for a few reasons. First of all, it is very important that your injuries are tended, but additionally, this establishes a record of your injuries at the scene of the accident. Insurance companies will question all of your injuries to ensure that they do not pay for anything more than they are responsible for. If you leave the scene of the accident under your own power, see your personal doctor as soon as possible, again to both get the proper care, and to establish further medical records proving your injuries. 

Hire an Attorney 

The sooner you partner with an experienced attorney after an accident with an aggressive driver, the more support that you will have through this entire experience. Working directly with an insurance company while you are trying to recover from your injuries can be stressful and detrimental, but when this stress is deflected by your legal representation you will be able to focus on recovery.