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Truck accidents, car accidents, and motorcycle accidents have the potential to completely upend a victim’s life, as well as the lives of their loved ones. Costly medical bills, ongoing recovery care, and significant impacts on a victim’s earnings can all play a role in a reduced quality of life as the victim endures pain and suffering as a result of someone else’s dangerous driving behavior. 

While it is true that no amount of money can undo the trauma of an auto accident, the reality is that accidents are expensive and have wide-ranging repercussions, none of which a victim should be personally liable for if another driver caused the crash. This is where a personal injury claim comes into play, but even then, insurance companies stay focused on settling serious injury cases for as little as possible, as quickly as possible. After an Oxnard car accident, partnering with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible is one of the best strategies for getting the compensation clients rightfully deserve.

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Finding an Oxnard car accident lawyer who is ready and available to help can be difficult, especially if you are overwhelmed by pain and suffering, medical bills, and lost income. Unfortunately, many people choose to file a claim and allow the at-fault driver’s insurance company to guide the process. Rarely does an insurer pay what a victim is entitled to without a fight, so working with an attorney is an important step to ensure that you take the appropriate actions to get the settlement you deserve.

The team at The King Law Firm makes it easy to request a free consultation and speak with an experienced attorney about your unique situation. Knowing that there is someone willing to help Oxnard car accident victims navigate their personal injury case after an accident can give them the peace of mind necessary to focus on their recovery while we take on the legal aspects of their case.

Contact a lawyer from the King Law Firm as soon as possible to schedule your consultation after an Oxnard car accident. The sooner we are working together, the sooner you can focus on recovering from your injuries without the added emotional burden of a legal claim.

How Much Is Your Car Accident Claim Worth?

Seeking justice after accidents isn’t all about the money. As you watch your medical expenses continue to rise, lost wages mount, and your catastrophic injuries seem like they may affect your life forever, having faith that there is a settlement in your future can help you stay positive. When someone else causes an accident that leads to personal injuries or wrongful death claims, the injury victims are entitled to compensation for damages beyond property damage and medical bills. The Oxnard car accident lawyers and personal injury attorneys at The King Law Firm are here to help.

Calculating Economic Damages

Economic damages cover all the impacts of a vehicle accident that have a measurable financial value. A detail-oriented Oxnard personal injury attorney knows how to gather documentation and evidence of those damages before calculating a final amount for your settlement with the insurance company. They include things like the cost of medical treatment for your injuries, the impact your injuries have on your ability to earn a wage, and more. 

You deserve the maximum amount of compensation for each of these damages and more, but the insurance company will work aggressively to downplay many of them to save money because these companies do not have your best interests at heart.  

Your Oxnard personal injury lawyer has years of experience with personal injury cases and will fight to get you the money you deserve after being injured by a reckless or negligent driver. The team at our personal injury law firm is ready to help after a serious car accident in California.

Calculating Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are more difficult to calculate than economic damages because they do not have measurable financial values associated with them. After being injured in a serious vehicle accident, there is a lot more to worry about than expenses, including things like the pain and suffering you endure, the depression and anxiety that come with serious injuries, and more. 

As you can imagine, assigning a dollar amount to something as abstract as “depression” can be difficult for someone who is not experienced with Oxnard personal injury law. However, you won’t need to worry about this part of your claim when the team at The King Law Firm is fighting for your rights. 

Oxnard attorneys can calculate a dollar value for the emotional and psychological damages with the aid of an insurance adjuster. They will be able to present these calculations during negotiations as they seek fair and reasonable compensation on your behalf. 

If the insurers are unwilling to reach a compromise for a settlement, then the next step may be to take your case to the California courts. Many personal injury lawsuits are resolved before going to trial, but if you go to trial, our legal team is ready to take your case in front of a judge and jury.

Shared Fault in Oxnard Car Accident Claims

When you are injured in a car accident, your compensation may depend on who is responsible for the accident. Unfortunately, even though you are the car accident victim, another driver may try to pin the blame on you. They may claim that you caused the accident, or that you were partly negligent by texting while driving or driving while drowsy, causing the accident.

Oxnard car accident victims can speak to an attorney when the at-fault party is trying to blame them. If they successfully blame you when you file a claim, your compensation may be reduced by your percentage of fault. Your injury lawyer can determine the best steps to defend your case and take action.

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Common Mistakes Made by Oxnard Car Accident Victims

In the aftermath of a car accident, it is easy to make a mistake. Those who have recently suffered through one of these accidents and are trying to file a claim may find personal injury lawsuits complex and challenging. 

So, what must you avoid to have a successful car accident claim? Below are a few mistakes our Oxnard car accident lawyers have seen during their time practicing law, so reach out for help if you are concerned about making these missteps.

Leaving the Scene without Telling the Police 

When you are involved in a car accident, one of the first steps you need to take is to report the accident. This is vital if anyone is injured or killed or has significant property damage. If you leave the accident scene, that can lead to serious legal repercussions. 

The police report can have critical information that your car accident lawyer in Oxnard, California can use to benefit your claim. This evidence can help support your version of events, but only if you call the police following your accident.

Not Seeking Medical Care 

You may feel fine when initially involved in an Oxnard car accident. You may be simply relieved you were not seriously injured and try to leave the scene. However, not seeking medical attention right away can lead to complications. 

For example, you may discover that you are suffering from a delayed injury, or the shock and adrenaline hide the extent of your injuries. Leaving your injuries unchecked can lead to medical complications. 

It can also be more difficult for your Oxnard car accident lawyers to prove you were injured in the accident if there is no immediate evidence of an injury that requires medical care. The insurance companies may use this against you to claim you were never injured in the accident. Finding an attorney after you get medical care is vital

Admitting Guilt

For many of us, it may feel natural to apologize following a car accident. Unfortunately, the other side may use that against you, claiming that you admitted fault and caused the accident. That can make it more difficult for your personal injury attorneys to fight for your claim. 

That is why it is important to avoid speaking with the at-fault party. It is easy to say something that can be used against you. That statement can make a big difference in the compensation you receive, so let your attorney handle any conversations about fault regarding your case.

Accepting the Initial Settlement Offer 

Following a car accident, you may feel desperate for compensation that covers the suffering you’ve experienced. Getting the initial settlement offer from the insurance company may be a relief, and you may believe that it is enough to cover your injuries.

Unfortunately, this is rarely the case.

Insurance companies are not on your side and may use your desperation against you. The initial settlement offer is rarely enough to cover your current and future damages. Because of this, it is better to have lawyers on your side to calculate your economic and non-economic damages and determine the value of your claim.

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Failing to Find a Lawyer

Many Oxnard car accident victims try filing a claim independently to avoid paying for a lawyer, but this can cause more problems than it solves. Our attorneys do not charge a flat rate. However, many car accident victims do not get the legal support they need even though it would not cause an immediate financial concern. 

Failing to work with an attorney can lead to serious financial consequences, including the outright dismissal of your case. Our attorneys have the experience and resources you may not, giving your case the boost it needs when seeking compensation.

The Benefits of Working With The King Law Firm

The King Law Firm is experienced with a range of personal injury claims, including car accidents, premises liability injuries, and more. Whether you’ve been hurt in a rear-end accident or a slip and fall, we are here to fight for the compensation owed to you — not just the compensation the insurance companies want to pay. 

Contact our Oxnard office as soon as possible for a free consultation where we can discuss the entirety of your unique situation. We can discuss the actions (or inactions) that the other driver was engaged in leading to the accident, how being injured has impacted your life, and more. This free consultation can help you look towards the future with confidence that you will be taken care of. 

If another driver caused your accident and you have suffered injuries in California, then they are liable to pay compensation. 

Get The Money You Deserve

Personal injury law is complicated, and insurance companies use this complexity to their advantage by overwhelming claimants with legalese and veiled suggestions that they may be held accountable for the crash if they push for more compensation. 

When you have a Ventura County and Oxnard injury lawyer working on your behalf, these tactics won’t work. In fact, insurance adjusters are typically more receptive to counter-offers that are made by personal injury attorneys, since they have practical experience with personal injury clients and victims. 

Focus On Your Medical Care

The King Law Firm will handle all of the administrative work of your auto accident so you can focus on getting the care you need for your injuries. In fact, stress is shown to have a significant and negative impact on the recovery process from your injuries. Entrusting the legal process to an attorney can help your recovery as much as it can help you get a settlement that will fairly compensate you for your damages from this avoidable accident. 

Get Answers To Your Questions

When you are a client of The King Law Firm, you are free to ask questions as they come up, and you can expect a clear and understandable answer. Some personal injury firms are difficult to get in touch with, even as a client, and it can be very frustrating to wait while someone unfamiliar with your case goes on a search to get a simple answer to a basic question. 

Your comfort and understanding of the entire legal process are important to us, which is why you can rely on our law firm to give you peace of mind with any questions you may have during our work together.

You Don’t Pay If We Don’t Win

Our law firm operates on a contingency fee basis, meaning that we will take a predetermined percentage of your final settlement or lawsuit award. Many people don’t even bother to start searching for a law firm because they don’t think they can afford it, but you won’t need to worry about any out-of-pocket costs throughout our work together. 

If we don’t win, you don’t need to pay anything. 

How Long Will My Oxnard Car Accident Case Take?

In the aftermath of a severe Oxnard car accident, you may be concerned about how long your claim will take in court. For example, you may already be dealing with pushback from the insurance company. In other cases, you may have an issue proving fault and filing a claim to make the at-fault party pay for your suffering.

There is no set amount of time that your case will take, but with a personal injury lawyer on your side, you may get a speedier claim. Your Oxnard car accident lawyer understands all aspects of personal injury law, meaning they have the tools you need to take action in your car accident claim.

Remember that you have a limited time to file your claim in the first place. California residents have two years to file a personal injury claim after the car accident. If they do not file within this time, their claim may be dismissed, which means they will not get compensation for their injuries. Reach out to an attorney to learn more about the timeline you can expect during your case.

Oxnard Car Accident FAQ 

You may have grounds for a lawsuit when you are hurt in an auto accident. Unfortunately, personal injury cases can be complex. As the accident victim, you are already dealing with a lot from the other driver and their insurance company. Adding a lawsuit may feel overwhelming. 

That is why our team focuses on making personal injury cases easier for our clients. 

Your accident lawyer can answer all your pressing questions about car accidents and how you can recover. Contact our team for case-specific answers if you have questions about your claim. In the meantime, we have included some of the most common questions we receive about our services. 

How much do car accident lawyers charge in California?

When your medical bills pile up following a car accident, you may be worried about the cut your car accident lawyer takes from your award in the personal injury case. Fortunately, residents of Oxnard, CA can rest easy knowing that our law firm makes it as easy as possible to afford legal representation.

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That is because our attorneys work on contingency fees. Our lawyers are paid a percentage of your compensation, not a flat fee. If your claim is unsuccessful, you will not pay anything for our legal services. 

How much is the average car accident settlement in CA?

No single average settlement exists for those who have suffered car accidents in Southern California. That is because your damages depend on how serious you are hurt and how bad the property damage is. For example, serious injuries have much higher medical expenses. 

The key to your claim success is an experienced attorney who can ensure you are getting the full compensation for your case. Reach out to a personal injury attorney with our firm for a free consultation to learn more about what your settlement is worth.

Do I need a lawyer for a car accident in California?

When you are injured in a car accident on Oxnard Blvd. or elsewhere in Oxnard, CA, you may need legal representation to get the funds you are due for your suffering. Those funds may include coverage for your lost income, pain and suffering, and other economic and non-economic damages.

While getting these damages covered by yourself after a car accident is possible, it can be difficult without an attorney, and you may settle for less. To avoid this, contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help your case succeed.

How much can someone sue for a car accident in California?

When you are injured in a car accident, you can get help covering your non-economic and economic damages. But how much is your claim worth? This number depends on the severity of your claim and the damages you have suffered because of the at-fault party’s negligence. 

While every case is different, remember that the final settlement offer from insurance companies is not always the maximum compensation you need. The insurance companies may not act in your best interests. If you are unsure what your claim is worth, reach out for a free case evaluation. 

What can I do if a loved one dies in an Oxnard car accident?

When a loved one is involved in a deadly accident and their injuries are fatal, you may need a lawyer in Oxnard to help you file a wrongful death claim or lawsuit. Unfortunately, wrongful death claims can be complex, and you may not have the legal knowledge to determine your eligibility for a lawsuit. 

Personal injury lawyers in California can provide legal support to those suing for fatal accidents, so reach out to a lawyer for guidance when you have lost a loved one and need help overcoming this loss. 

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