T-bone Collision

T-Bone collision accident

Getting into any kind of accident can be a serious and traumatic incident, leading to life-changing injuries, medical debt, and major changes to your income and ability to earn the income you once could before your accident. A t-bone collision is just one of many types of accidents that you could be involved in while either driving or riding in a car. If someone else caused the t-bone crash that you were injured in, then you are likely entitled to seek compensation from them in the form of a personal injury lawsuit, which the team at The King Law Firm will be happy to help you with. 

Have You Been Hurt In a T-Bone Collision?

Read more below to get a better understanding of what a t-bone collision is, how they can happen, and how we can help you get the money that you deserve if you are hurt in one. Contact us now to schedule a free initial consultation with a personal injury attorney, where we will be able to discuss your specific situation, and how we can help. You are entitled to compensation from your accident, and working with an insurance company alone can be a stressful, and sometimes overwhelming experience. We are here to help.

What Is a T-Bone Crash?

A t-bone accident happens when two vehicles collide, with one making contact with the front into the side of the other vehicle. These types of crashes are also known as side collisions, and they are the second-most fatal accidents, only after head-on collisions. These accidents are common in instances where one driver runs an intersection and collides with a vehicle that is traveling through the intersection with the right of way. 

Since there is less structure on the sides of vehicles, this also means that passengers (especially passengers on the impact side) will have less protection to absorb the impact. However, modern advances in side airbag technology, seatbelts, and more have also helped to cut back on the damages caused by these crashes. 

Who Is Responsible In a T-Bone Crash?

There are a variety of details that we will need to uncover while going through your case, but often it can be quite obvious to determine who is at fault for a side-impact crash, simply by determining who violated the traffic laws around yielding or stopping. If the other driver cut a red light or stop sign, ignored a yield, or otherwise made contact with your vehicle while you were traveling lawfully, then they are at fault.

Oftentimes a driver may miss a stop sign or a yield due to things such as drunk or drugged driving, distractions such as texting while driving, or just simple reckless behavior. Regardless, it is extremely important that you report their behavior to the police as soon as possible, and gather as many eyewitness accounts as possible to help corroborate your side of the story.

If there were any citations or arrests made at the scene of the accident, then these can also significantly help to solidify the first step in your case. 

Why Hire a Car Accident Lawyer After a T-Bone Collision?

After an accident that you have been injured in, the last thing that you should need to worry about it dealing with lawyers or insurance agents. Instead, you should be able to focus on your recovery and getting the medical attention that you need and deserve, without taking on this additional stress. When you are working with a proven legal team like The King Law Firm, you can confidently focus on recovery knowing that there s someone fighting for your legal rights at the same time.

Dealing with an insurance company means that you will need to carefully consider every word, statement, and document that you submit since they will take any opportunity possible to reduce your settlement amount. Seemingly innocuous or innocent statements may come back to haunt you when you are nearing the end of the investigation of your claim, even something as simple and harmless as an apology at the scene of the accident. Knowing that there is someone with experience in these matters who is carefully planning every communication with the insurance company and ensuring that your side of the story is heard can be a major stress reliever, which is important during recovering from an accident.

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