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Personal Injury Attorney in Northridge

Personal Injury Attorney in Northridge

Being involved in an accident that causes serious injury can be extremely stressful and can cause major disruption in your life. Once you have recovered from the immediate accident and have begun working towards getting your life back on track, you often find that there are new and overwhelming issues you must now go through such as dealing with insurance companies, seeking claims, and trying to make sure that your settlement amount is enough to cover the expenses and losses that you have accrued during this period of your life.

When you are working with the team at The King Law Firm, you can be confident that there is a dedicated, aggressive, and proven legal team at your side, fighting to get you all of the financial help that you deserve. This starts by getting in touch with us as soon as possible to schedule an initial consultation and speaking with one of our team about your situation, your injuries, the impacts that the accident has had on your life, the circumstances of the accident, and how we can help you move forward from this situation with our support. Once we are representing your legal interests, you will be able to focus on physical recovery with the confidence that we are handling your case and fighting on your behalf.

Read more below about a few common types of injuries we represent, as well as how we generally work to determine the amount of money that our clients are owed in the form of personal injury damages. Keep in mind that this is not a comprehensive list of injuries, nor is it a comprehensive list of damages that we seek for our clients. Every accident and every injury is unique, and we keep this in mind as we build a custom case for each of our valued clients.

Examples of Common Personal Injury Lawsuits in Northridge, California

Car Accidents

Calculating Damages in Personal Injury Cases

Car accidents are an unfortunate fact of life in and around Los Angeles and Northridge. This means that every time you decide to head out onto the roads, you are putting yourself at risk of a serious injury, and even death, from a car accident. After the accident, you will need to begin working with the other driver’s car insurance company in order to file a claim, and the insurance adjuster will ultimately return to you with a settlement offer. Although you are likely stressed out about the growing medical bills and time that you are missing from work, it is important that you understand the problems with this offer. The amount that they will offer you is nowhere near the amount that you rightfully deserve, and you will have to go through extensive negotiations with the company if you are going to have a chance of getting what you deserve in the form of an out-of-court settlement.

When you are working with the team at The King Law Firm, we will handle all claims-related communications for you, in addition to aggressively working through negotiations to attempt to get you an amount that you truly deserve before needing to go through with a full lawsuit. If we are able to reach an agreement, then we will be able to avoid the additional time and costs of a lawsuit. If not, we will need to build your case accordingly, and file a lawsuit with the Los Angeles Courts.

Slip and Fall

A slip and fall injury is just one form of a premise liability, which is a situation where an individual or party responsible for maintenance of public, semi-public, or private property that you are invited onto. The slip and fall case stems from a situation where you, the victim, were legally allowed to be on the property and fell as a result of improper maintenance. This could be something like a wet floor in a shopping plaza, broken stair treads, faulty handrails, or other similar hazards. The primary thing that we will need to prove in this case is that the responsible party either knew or had reasonable expectation to be aware of the hazard, failed to remedy the hazard by either repairing or properly warning visitors, and you suffered a measurable injury as a result.

Defective Product Injuries

A defective product lawsuit stems from a clearly defined circumstance where a product either fails to operate as it is intended to and causes injuries, or you have suffered an injury from a product that failed to clearly warn you of the hazards inherent in use. This means that you can not file a lawsuit against a chainsaw company if you are injured during the normal operation of the machine, but if the machine were to be shipped missing a safety feature or failed because of a manufacturing defect and THUS caused injury, you may have a case.

In order to determine which party along the supply chain (and in oftentimes, multiple parties) are responsible for your injuries, and how we can seek appropriate damages from them, it is important that you contact our team as soon as possible. These types of injuries and the resulting lawsuits can be extremely complicated due to the nature of working with major corporations and complex distribution chains, but our experience with these situations will be a major asset to your case.

Calculating Damages in Personal Injury Cases

In order to calculate a fair amount owed to a victim in a personal injury lawsuit, it is important that the legal team representing the victim is able to understand the full impacts that their client has suffered, both economically and non-economically. Economic damages are damages that have measurable dollar amounts appended to them, such as medical bills and lost wages.

Non-economic damages are often more difficult to quantify because they seek to apply a dollar value to things as abstract as pain, suffering, and emotional distress. The simplest way to reach the dollar amount owed to a victim is by using a multiplier, a number used as an understandable analog for the severity of these impacts. This number is then applied to the economic damages that the victim has suffered in order to translate the abstract non-economic damages into real financial amounts.


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