Car Accident Statistics in Northridge

It is no secret that driving in and around Los Angeles can be tricky and sometimes dangerous. Being a good, defensive driver is the best first line of protection against being injured in a car accident, but sometimes even the best drivers can’t avoid a collision with someone who is driving recklessly, drunk driving, speeding, or otherwise creating a dangerous situation on the road. This is when the support of a personal injury and car accident attorney is important.

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Read below to learn about some car accident statistics relating to Northridge, as well as the state of California, to understand more about how your own situation fits into the bigger picture. Contact us now to request a free consultation, and learn about how we can help you get the justice you need, and make sure that you are not just another number to the insurance company.

7% – Fatal Traffic Crashes

Car crash accident

Between 2015 and 2016, fatal traffic accidents in California increased by 7%, from 3,387 to 3,623, or a total increase of 236.

15% – Drugs and Alcohol

In 2016, 15% of all drivers who were killed in car accidents in California and underwent toxicology tests were found to test positive for drugs or alcohol, whether they were simply in their system at the time or if they were actively under the influence of the drug that they tested for.

548 – Motorcycle Fatalities

In 2016, 548 people were killed while driving or riding motorcycles in California. This was an 11% increase from the 494 motorcycle-related fatalities that were reported in 2015. Of the 548 deaths, 25 were not wearing helmets.

225 – Teen Fatalities

225 teens between 16 and 19 were killed in motor vehicle accidents in 2016, which was a nearly 3% increase from 2015 when 219 were killed.

586 – Not Wearing Seatbelts

accident cause by not wearing seatbelts

586 people were killed in car accidents in 2016 who were either using their restraint systems improperly or not using a seatbelt at all. In many cases, a seatbelt can avoid unnecessary injuries and even death.

837 – Total Fatalities

In 2016, there were 837 traffic-related fatalities in Los Angeles County, including Northridge. This includes cars, trucks, motorcycles, and all other transportation devices that are allowed on public roadways.

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