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If you are a victim of personal injury, your injuries could give you a permanent disability. Activities you once took for granted could become extremely challenging. In fact, you may be unable to work or care for your family.

If you suffer from a catastrophic injury, someone might be responsible for your suffering. With the help of a catastrophic injury attorney in Northridge, you may be able to seek compensation for your situation. The King Law Firm can give you advice on your case and work towards getting you compensation.

What is a Catastrophic Injury?

Every state has its own rules regarding a catastrophic injury. The American Medical Association defines a catastrophic injury as one that causes damage to the spinal cord or brain. However, in California, other injuries can fall under this category. These injuries can profoundly change your life and often cause permanent disability.

Typically, a catastrophic injury doesn’t only impact the victim. It also affects their loved ones. For instance, a stay-at-home parent could experience a serious spinal cord injury. After the injury, they are no longer able to care for their children. This places a burden on the other spouse and on their children.

It’s important to note that it is impossible to recover from a catastrophic injury. However, you may be able to improve the effects of your injury with therapy, surgery, or other procedures.

To better understand catastrophic injury, you can look at a few examples. All of the following are possible catastrophic injuries:

Burn Injuries

Burns are extremely painful. However, this is not what makes them catastrophic. The real issue comes in the forms of nerve damage and disfigurement. If a significant portion of your body is damaged by burns, you could have a catastrophic injury. No matter how much medical treatment you receive, there may be no way to overcome the disfigurement or nerve damage.

Multiple Bone Fractures or Breaks

If you have a single bone fracture, your life might change for a few months. But a multiple bone fracture could cause a lifetime of pain. You may never be able to regain mobility or strength in your injured body part.


If you lose a limb, you have a catastrophic injury. This is because there is no way to ever fully recover from the injury. Although you can get a prosthetic limb, you’ll never regain full use of your appendage. In many cases, amputees are unable to return to work. They also suffer from long-term emotional effects.

Spinal Cord Injury

One of the most devastating injuries can be a spinal cord injury. This occurs when your neck or back undergoes a trauma. Because the spinal cord handles the transmission of signals to your body, an injury to it affects you in many ways. You could have permanent paralysis.

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Traumatic Brain Injury

A brain injury can be equally disastrous. While a mild concussion is not catastrophic, a traumatic brain injury can result in permanent cognitive issues. You could develop a serious mental disability.


Most commonly occurring in the workplace, electrocution can be catastrophic. The incident could cause a fatality or lead to serious injuries. Typically, victims experience burns, internal injuries, or cardiac arrest.

What Causes of Catastrophic Injuries in Northridge?

Accidents happen. But sadly, many accidents can be prevented. Although there are many causes of catastrophic injuries, negligence is usually the root of the cause.

For instance, many car accidents cause catastrophic injuries. Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of car accidents. Although it’s easy to prevent, many drivers still spend too much time on their phones while they’re driving.

Other common causes of this type of injury include:

Who is Responsible for Your Accident?

If someone’s negligence caused your catastrophic injury, you may be able to seek compensation. First, you need to be able to prove that someone is liable for your accident. It could be a homeowner, employer, business owner, or government entity.

By working with an attorney, you can pinpoint who is to blame for your accident. Typically, this means having evidence that their negligence resulted in your injuries. This could come in the form of a picture, video, or witness testimony.

How to Seek Compensation for Your Injuries

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Any injury has the potential to cost you money. However, the permanent nature of a catastrophic injury makes it have an even greater financial impact. It also can affect your quality of life in many ways.

Fortunately, you can seek compensation for your damages. First, you could receive money for all of your medical expenses. This includes all past, present, and future costs. As long as the medical bill is necessary because of your accident-related injury, you can receive money for it.

Secondly, you can also seek compensation for your lost wages. This isn’t limited to a few missed days of work. It includes all of the wages you lost as a result of your accident, and any future wages you will not be able to receive. If you can no longer work, your attorney can fight to get you money for your loss of income. This not only helps you but helps your family as well. With an average household income of $77,366, most families in Northridge can’t afford to lose an income.

Finally, there’s

the issue of pain and suffering. Your permanent injury could prevent you from living a happy life. Additionally, your family could struggle with the emotional and financial toll of your injury. You can receive compensation for all of your pain and suffering.

Working with a Catastrophic Injury Attorney in Northridge

If you or a loved one experienced a catastrophic injury, you have enough on your plate. Recovering and moving forward takes all of your time and energy. But you don’t have to pass up an opportunity to seek compensation. By working with an attorney, you can file a lawsuit against a negligent party. You can get the money you and your family deserve. Contact The King Law Firm today and start moving on with your case.